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(Monday and Later (Leftovers))
(Monday and Later (Leftovers))
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* @FriedgeHNIC The "Unknown All-Star" and 30 Thoughts -- http://tinyurl.com/49gg8h2
* @FriedgeHNIC The "Unknown All-Star" and 30 Thoughts -- http://tinyurl.com/49gg8h2
* (Mike Green) @GreenLife52 Thanks Carolina for the weekend. It was an amazing experience.
* (Mike Green) @GreenLife52 Thanks Carolina for the weekend. It was an amazing experience.
* http://www.kuklaskorner.com/index.php/glr/comments/the_all_star_weekend_experience_with_joe_thistel_of_nhl_home_ice/
* @HMof2 From my good friend @dagmar27 "Skinner is the anti-Crosby" and other observations from new media at the ASG weekend. http://sbn.to/fQ2uE1
* http://dtraleigh.com/2011/02/starbucks-arenas-and-downtown-raleigh/
* http://www.hockeybroad.com/2011/02/how-carolina-hurricanes-set-new-bar-for.html

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[edit] Friday, January 28th (Draft)

  • @HMof2 TSN has 2:30 minute greatest moments video of all the players coming to the All-Stars. Pretty intense. http://bit.ly/eAI9mP
  • @MikeSundheim Skinner reveals how he learned he was an #NHLAllStar RT @joeovies: @999TheFanESPN: http://ow.ly/3KUHw
  • @Triluna The @LukeDeCock and @ice_chip fantasy draft is very entertaining http://bit.ly/eFpQc3
  • @HMof2 http://flic.kr/p/9ciwVx RT @sbaicker The street in Raleigh the media hotel is on is lined w/flags bearing all the teams' logos. Pretty cool.
  • @ArmstrongWTVD A girl at Backyard Bistro just asked Jeff Skinner to prom. We got it on camera. YES.
  • @BenThrashers This was on my TV screen when I got to my hotel room. Nice touch. http://yfrog.com/hsedzsj
  • @JoeYerdonPHT Seconded. Beautiful day. RT @JonJordan: In case nobody else has said this yet today, it's an absolutely beautiful day here in Raleigh!
  • @gogoraleigh "Any preconceived ideas we may have had about Raleigh not being a hockey town are truly gone" - Aaron Murphy, ESPN http://bit.ly/iiPHun
  • @CanesSSQ It is absolutely insane down at #NHLAllStar Fan Fair. Raleigh really out did itself w/ this event. Can't wait for the rest of the weekend!
  • @ice_chip See 62 Fan Fair photos: http://bit.ly/gQUXAG #NandOAllStar
  • @nhl_canes Video of Jeff Skinner before tonight's All-Star Fantasy Draft - http://bit.ly/gLEU9Y
  • @puckdrops Jeff Skinner taken by Staal. Wish there would have been a little more excitement in the crowd so I would have known for sure.
  • @drosennhl Marc Staal on if this is Eric Staal's weekend show: "I don't know, Skinner is getting a ton of air time now, too. A lot of love."
  • @HMof2 If he can win the heart of this guy, um. Wow. RT Damo Spin: Cox: All-star draft shines spotlight on NHL’s future http://bit.ly/ijKPgz
  • @Sean_Leahy It's amazing to see following/support in person that Jeff Skinner has. Kid is a rock star down there.
  • @HMof2 Great write up on Day 1 of ASG weekend in Raleigh by @adater for @VersusNHL http://bit.ly/dMUEA5

[edit] Saturday, January 29th (Skills Competition)

  • @ice_chip Line for Skinner autograph signing at RBC Bank was block long hour before it began. And an hour into it.
  • @HMof2 Clicks and Clippings: It's my party and I'll pick who I want to. Eric Staal shines in Raleigh this weekend. http://sbn.to/hBjBL5
  • @Steve_Dangle NEW VID! If you haven't seen it already, I talk about Jeff Skinner being an All Star. Boom. http://bit.ly/hrJ6Ke
  • @RLDhockey RBC Center media meal: chicken, bbq, ravioli, ice cream. Hell to the yes!
  • @ArmstrongWTVD My #SkinnerMania story from Friday http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/video?id=7926642
  • @CraigCustance More interesting thoughts from Karmanos regarding Sun Belt vs. Winnipeg/Quebec teams: http://bit.ly/gdpU62
  • @jbk_ltd Check out the background hahaha RT @MikeSundheim: Cam Ward on the red carpet with NHL Network's Heidi Androl http://twitpic.com/3umge8
  • @jbk_ltd Doug we need you on twitter! Well done! RT @lgc_com: Anyone know this #Caniac?? :) RT @VersusNHL: Raleigh Caniacs http://sflow.us/h2N5gz
  • @jbk_ltd Hockey Night in Carolina! Caniacs being filmed for the HNIC intro: http://flic.kr/p/9eeAEF
  • @nhl_canes Video: Jeff Skinner's red carpet interview with Jeremey Roenick and Kevin Weekes - http://carhur.com/bnx
  • @BroadStBull Give Raleigh credit. People have come out in swarms for all the hockey-related activities in city.#Flyers
  • @drosennhl Jeff Skinner is Raleigh's own Justin Bieber. Read it here. http://bit.ly/dFlxS1
  • @HMof2 Another great piece on sk8erboi from Yahoo!'s Nicholas Cotsnika "Jeff Skinner's dream season..." http://yhoo.it/gRn5mI
  • @HackswithHaggs Tim Thomas on doing shooting accuracy: "We talked about it. But then I saw McDonald's targets. I'm a Burger King guy, so I pulled out of it"

[edit] Sunday, January 30th (All-Star Game)

  • @walsha Best comment by young female fan to Marc-Andre Fleury via CiscoVideoConference "You're cute...but you're not Jeff Skinner!"
  • @jbk_ltd I swear Skinner is laughing his entire shift. Kid is having a blast.
  • @jbk_ltd SO PROUD of my hockey team, my home, my state. What a dream of a lifetime of a weekend!
  • @Cerebellum417 BTW, I was totally moved by Elias and Stastny CONTINUOUSLY trying to give Skinner the puck. They didn't have to do that.
  • @JonJordan Cam Ward told me yesterday he wanted to keep Team Lidstrom to "less than five, or something" in his period. Cam Ward wins.
  • @jbk_ltd Pretty proud of my All-Stars: http://flic.kr/p/9eq63D http://flic.kr/p/9etafE http://flic.kr/p/9eq5VZ
  • @Everett_Duke The hockey culture here is on par with any "traditional" market. Raleigh, you've been phenomenal. #NHLAllStar
  • @cbcsports Hockey Night in Canada bio: Jeff Skinner. #CBCSports #ASG #Hurricanes #nhlallstar #HNIC http://tinyurl.com/5vr42vc
  • @SunGarrioch People of Raleigh can take a bow. Great all star weekend, embraced the event and nice people. Ottawa has its work cut out for them.
  • @DarrenDreger Raleigh did a great job this wknd. Hospitality has been terrific and the Hurricanes should be commended for hosting a first class event.
  • @Matt9Duchene What a great weekend in Raleigh. Great job by the NHL and the Hurricanes organization. Thank you!
  • @si_nhl "There is no better place in hockey in the United States than Carolina deep in the playoffs" http://bit.ly/hNA9KT
  • @espnamerica blog: http://bit.ly/frUzJy The Hurricanes have a loyal following of very knowledgeable fans, and the organization’s class was on display during the opening ceremonies tonight.
  • @HMof2 Wait a minute: if Team Staal won the Skills Event by 11 pts and lost the game by 1 goal, net goes to Team Staal with +10. Amirite?
  • @HMof2 If you haven't seen this Skinner video where they ask his Dad about Jeff and his appreciation of Carolina, favorite it. http://bit.ly/gWc9IA
  • @HMof2 Yes! http://bit.ly/fwaCo4 RT @Caniac4evr: @HMof2 "A weekend to remember" video by tsn.ca Major, major props to NC and fans here. Love it!
  • @HMof2 Here is the tsn.ca video of our 3 players postgamer - just an excerpt, but gets most of what Ward was saying. http://bit.ly/hSUnjy
  • @KevinWeekes BIG success this All Star was ! On the hockey fans in NC I'll quote Biggie " If you don't know,now you know" - take a bow NC ,great job!

[edit] Monday and Later (Leftovers)

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